Sunday, March 24, 2013

Taking the Buffs under our wing.

We just got our chicks today! Take a look at the little cuties. We decided to get the Buff Orphington breed of chickens because they have the reputation of being the "Labrador Retrievers" of chickens. Meaning they are just about the sweetest, most good nature chicken you can get. This is important to us since we have a youngin' that we want to interact and learn from the chickens. They are also great layers of yummy brown eggs.

We bought eight chicks since that is the maximum our city will allow. That should also be plenty of eggs for breakfast and any baking we need to do. We have a pretty simple set up. A large box is the shelter, we have a simple feeder with organic starter crumbles, water dish (change everyday), heat lamp, and approximately three inches of pine shavings for bedding.

Simple elements: box, heat lamp, feeder, organic starter crumbles, water dish, pine shavings, chicks.
Taking a sip of water.
Buff Orphingtons have a pretty classic chicken look.
These Buffs are about 3-4 days old.

Be sure to check back to see the follow up posts to watch these pretty little ladies grow up and the process we undertake of raising these beauties!

Now isn't that cute? Be sure to check up on the chickies. :)

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